New IQOS 3
New IQOS 3

IQOS device

At the heart of IQOS are sophisticated electronics that heat specially prepared and blended tobacco.

IQOS heats the tobacco just enough to release a flavorful nicotine-containing vapor but without burning the tobacco.

Here's the key point: the tobacco in a cigarette burns at temperatures in excess of 600°C, generating smoke that contains harmful chemicals.

But IQOS heats tobacco to much lower temperatures, below 350°C, without combustion, fire, ash, or smoke.

The lower temperature heating releases the true taste of heated tobacco.

Because the tobacco is heated and not burned, the levels of harmful chemicals are significantly reduced compared to cigarette smoke.

What is there? A nicotine-containing vapor - not smoke - that makes IQOS a smoke-free product that is appealing to smokers.

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let me inform you about changes in payment method.

By reasons of rules of card association VISA and Mastercard we can´t more use any online payment Gate in our eshop.

Newly we accept only bank transfer method for payment for our items. We are sure it is not comfortable for you, but there is no any way to pay by credit card. The Card association doesn´t accept payment via credit card for all tobacco products. As small compensation we will newly not charge the shipping fee and the delivery cost will be free of charge.

We will send you the payment instruction after you will finish your order in our eshop.

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